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Affidavits, Affirmations and Translations

Application submitted to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) often involves providing affidavits or sworn statements that a document or a translation of a document is true and that you are the person who you claim to be.

It is an essential part of verifying the validity of a document by having you swear to an oath that the information provided in the document is accurate

Prabhjot Singh, RCIC is a Commissioner for taking affidavits and authorized to certify true copies, verify signatures and take oaths and/or affidavits in Ontario.

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  • Letter of Invitation to invite parents/grandparents/ spouse/ extended family members to Canada on visitor visa .
  • Certify true copies of original documents : Specially required in verification status application in case lost, stolen or damaged immigration documents.
  • Taking a sworn declaration (affidavit) regarding a common-law relationship. This is common when sponsoring a spouse, for example, and involves the following immigration form: IMM 5409.
  • A Statutory Declaration This is a written statement of facts, sworn to and signed before a commissioner of oaths (or a notary public). You generally must provide identification proving who you are
  • An Affidavit of name change: The statutory declaration to declare inconstancies in the name in education, work or identity documents.
  • Affirmation of change in appearance or signature change : Mostly used in the first time passport and renewal of passport applications.
  • An affidavit taken for a translator who has translated a document into English and/or French, in which they testify that it is an accurate translation.
  • Birth Certificate translation certification : If you birth certificate in a language other than English/ French a translation is required. We have proficiency in Punjabi, Hindi and English language.